Miscellaneous Functionality

Ganga provides quite a lot of additional functionality to help with job management. Below are the main ones:

Job Templates

If there is a version of a job that you use a lot, it can be beneficial to store this as a job template and then you can easily retrieve and then only alter a few parameters of. To create a template you do exactly what you would do for a normal job except you create a JobTemplate object instead of a Job object:

To view the templates available, just do:

You can then create a job from this template by doing:

Job Trees

As you submit more jobs of different types, it can become quite difficult to keep track of them. Ganga supports a ‘directory tree’ like structure for jobs so you can easily keep track of which jobs are associated with different calibrations, analyses, etc. Jobs are stored by id and can be thought of as soft links to the main Ganga Job Repository.