There are several ways that you can configure and control how Ganga behaves. There are 3 different ways to do this:

  1. Edit the options in your ~/.gangarc file
  2. Supply command line options: ganga -o[Logging]Ganga.Lib=DEBUG
  3. At runtime using the config variable:
# print full config

# print config section

# edit a config option
config.Logging['GangaCore.Lib'] = 'DEBUG'

The config system also provides a set of default_ options for each Ganga object which override what values the object starts with on creation. e.g.

config.defaults_Executable.exe = 'ls'

In addition to this, you can also supply a ~/ file that will be executed just as if you’d typed the commands when Ganga starts up e.g. this will show all running jobs when you start Ganga if put into the ~/ file:

slice ='running')